VisioSafe ANALYTICS for Department Store

Maximize Productivity

  • Justify Marketing
  • Better Merchandizing

Boost Sales

  • Improve In-Store Experience
  • Increase Loyalty

Cut Costs

  • Optimize Staff
  • Reduce Cost

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Queue Analytics
  • Less Waiting Time

Measure Sales Impact

  • Zone Of Interest
  • Heat Map

Measure Occupancy

  • Hot Area
  • Traffic Flow

We help department store manager to …

  • Understand and quantify the attractiveness of each stand and brand
  • Optimize the booth areas vs. the walking zone to display more merchandise and add rental space
  • Justify the location rental cost of a store
  • Increase revenues by adapting rental cost given traffic through analytics evidence
  • Evaluate how attractive a promotion/ brand/ store window is
  • Monitor the occupancy rate vs. capacity limit of the store and optimize the interior layout
  • Reduce staff and energy cost during off-peak traffic times
  • Provide in-depth insights on visitors’ behavioral patterns across locations and counters

We improve shopping experience by …

  • Understanding shoppers’ preferences among brands and products in stores
  • Tracking product popularity across time for future tenant selection
  • Optimizing layout, brand and product locations in store